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How to Book an Escort

By   August 9, 2017

Booking an escort for the first time can feel like a scary process. Perhaps you don’t know where to look, how to start, or what to say. However, the process of booking an escort has been made extremely simple in recent years and both escort agencies and independent girls welcome newcomers and understand how to make them feel at ease instantly. It is possible to book escorts over the phone, online, and by SMS, depending on your preference and the services offered by the company you choose. However, the most popular way to book an escort is over the phone.

The Initial Contact
When booking an escort, be it over the phone, by email, or by SMS, ensure you make a professional inquiry. Remember, these girls are professional workers and starting your interaction with something like “Great tits love” or “U working? How much for an hour?” will often result in no reply from the other end. Instead begin your inquiry with a polite message such as “Hi, you look fantastic in your pictures. I am interested in making an appointment on Tuesday. Are you available for one hour on that day?”
Another tip for the initial contact is not to withhold your number if you are calling by phone. Escorts generally ignore withheld numbers and view these calls as suspicious. On the same note, also judge the escort by her response when you call. If you picked her number up from a personal adverts website and she is very quick to accept and offer a great time, consider whether her offer is too good to be true.

Before the Meeting
Once you have made arrangements with the escort of your choice a couple of things will happen before the encounter. First, if you are staying at a hotel, the escort will call the hotel to confirm you are really there and staying in the room number you provided. It is also worth noting that no escort should request money up front before the meeting or any credit card details etc. The only exception is if you are using a reputable online agency who may offer credit card payments as an easy option, but ensure you read all reviews first.

Both your safety and the safety of the escort is important before, during, and after the meeting. If an escort feels comfortable around you she will relax more and you will receive a better service. It is wise to be aware of any safety precautions an escort may take before or during a meeting and understand that they are taken for both her and your protection. Equally, you may request some safety precautions beforehand to ensure the meeting is discreet and undetected by unwanted attention.

Finally, security is another measure that should be taken by both you and the escort. If you have valuables in the room it is wise to keep them locked away and out of sight. Remember, she is a stranger in your house and it is wise to take some basic security precautions. Equally, she may take her belongings with her to the bathroom as she is considering security also.