By   November 15, 2020

As I was riding the train from Paddington Station last Friday, I came across this ad on a porn site. It sounds crazy, but I’m the type to watch porn (with my earbuds on) while riding the train. The ad was by a particular escort agency operating in East London. It featured exclusive photos of model type girls who were like the perfect gift a celibate man (like me) could get.

I was enjoying the ride, I thought it was a good idea to try out the escort service. Lisa’s profile caught my attention out of all London escorts featured on the website. Her bio stated that she was an Italian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes willing to be submissive with a satisfaction guarantee. I hurriedly took her contact details and arranged to meet her.

I alighted in Redbridge and headed straight to my apartment to prepare myself for Lisa. Something inside suggested to me that my evening was about to get better. Since she only did outcalls, Lisa showed up at my apartment an hour later, looking better than her profile photos. The last time a beautiful woman intrigued me was when I was dating Carol, my shy but naughty ex-girlfriend.

Since I paid to have her over for an hour, I decided not to let any minute go wasted. I engaged her in a brief seductive talk, invited her to sit on my lap, and caressed her soft skin. Our chemistry was so perfect that the entire foreplay seemed like something I’d do with my girlfriend.

As the temperatures rose, she unbuttoned my trousers and gave me a mind-blowing blowjob. It had been a while since a woman of her attractiveness made me feel good. We quickly helped each other undress and began having sex.

You could tell that she enjoyed every stroke by the way she was moaning. Her legs were uncontrollably shaking every time she orgasmed. Each orgasm that I gave her made me feel like the £200 I paid was worth it. As we had sex in different positions, we switched from soft to rough sex, depending on how our bodies felt.

I could tell that Lisa was naked shy from how she quickly reached for a towel to cover her privates after our session was over. Before taking a shower together, we went in for another round since both of us couldn’t get enough of each other. Though we exceeded the one hour limit, she didn’t charge me for the extra time.

I began to feel ‘separation anxiety’ when it was time for Lisa to leave. During our last moments, we could n’t let go of each other. She asked me to call her again for future meetups. I was more than willing to see her also and continue from where we left.

Once her Uber arrived, I walked her downstairs and opened the car door for her. I gave her a tight hug before I let her go and promised to see her again. As the Uber left, I began to have flashbacks of the fun we both had. Part of me never wanted the evening to end and was so eager to plan our next sexual encounter.

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